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working undisturbed and productive, how?

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vermoeidheid en oplopende werkdruk

increasing workload

You probably have experienced it, in the morning you come to your office, you take a cup of coffee, install yourself, and want to start. Serious? After five minutes, a colleague comes in and asks if you can take a quick look at her work. No problem.

An hour later you sit down at your desk again, but after less than ten minutes your next colleague comes in and asks if you please can come along. You don't say no and follow along. This goes on the whole day.

At the end of the day, you notice that you haven’t done what you had actually planned for the day. So you decide to continue working "just a little" longer. Despite working "just a little" longer, the tasks are tangible piling up and the workload is gradually increasing.
yessss, thuiswerken!

Yessss, tele working working at home

Yes, you are going to work from home, ask your family to leave you alone, and settle down at the kitchen table to get started. Really? After fifteen minutes your first child comes in and then the whole horde. You have to intervene, prevent arguments, answer the 'what are we going to do' question, make healthy snacks, etc. Your partner will also "just" come in for a good chat and a cup of coffee, while you try to work.

Before you know it it is 3 pm and you have hardly been able to do anything. You decide to pick up the thread again in the evening, but towards the evening you notice that your focus is gone and you decide "ok, tomorrow another day”. Also at home, the tasks are piling up gradually and the workload increases insidiously.

The question arises, how do I make it kindly clear to my colleagues or co-residents that I am busy and that they can come up to me if I have the time? EASYFLUX!
360 graden tekening van de easyflux


The patented easyflux supports healthy and concentrated work. You put it next to your computer to let people know, when you are busy or when you are available.

It works according to the scientifically proven Pomodoro working technique. When you work, it lights up red for 25-minutes and in between it lights up green to tell you to take a break for 5 or 15 minutes. Research shows that people are interrupted 40 times a day, means they lose 2 hours of work per day, not doing their job. easyflux has a beneficial effect to minimise this phenomenon.

easyflux stands for a 100 minutes undisturbed and productive way of working, reduces the risk of work pressure and your creativity will increase. Interested? Request for a demonstration.
uitleg easyflux
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hoe het werkt
It works as follows.
groen: uw collega is beschikbaar voor overleg
When it is green, we can have a conversation.
rood: uw collega geconcentreerd laten werken
When it is red you let your colleague work concentrated.
groen: papa of mama kan even gestoord worden
Green, I can disturb Mommy for a moment, yeahhhhh.
rood: papa of mama moet even werken
Red, leave Mommy alone for a while.



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